Essential Oil safety is one of importance to me and I want to know that you are able to purchase with peace of mind from my website knowing the simple safety aspects when using essential oils. Every oil and blend has the information attached which includes Safety for Age, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Dogs, Cats (although cats should stay away from all essential oils), maximum dilution rates, how to use and any drug contraindications.

Check out the array of beautifully crafted products we have on offer here at NRG Reiki Products. Each recipe was developed by taking into careful consideration the safety aspects and the constituents for efficacy.

Is Ingesting Essential Oils Safe? Simple answer is NO! WE do not recommend ingesting essential oils, internal use(swallowing or eating) even if it has been added to a carrier oil and put in food or capsules. Irritation and possible damage to your organs is just not worth the risk when there is a much safer alternative via topically applying, diffusing or inhaling.

Anything therapeutical and yes I also custom blend for individual needs.

I hope you love the products as much as I do!

Thank you,